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Setting the Atmosphere for God’s Glory

Minister TJ encourages us on how set an atmosphere in church to feel the spirit of God. In this sermon , Minister TJ teaches the important of unity in the church body and uses the example of the Pentecost as and example God’s glory in a church. Listen or [Download]

Tested Faith

Pastor Al encourages to test if your faith is real by completely putting our trust in God. Even if we must suffer some sacrifice in our life to see Jesus working in it. Listen or [Download]

Grow in Grace

Pastor Al encourages us to continue grow our faith so we can grow in God’s grace because this God’s plan for us until the return of Christ. No matter how long you have been saved or what your spiritual level is, we must continue to grow in our faith. Pastor Al explains the tools that… Read more

Being Joyful in the Midst of Pain

Listen or [Download] After the horrible events this week, the police shootings and the attack the Dallas police, Minister TJ encourages us not to give up hope but trust in the Lord that these trials and tribulation can build us up. Using the example of Jesus, who was full of joy even as he hung… Read more

Justified By Faith

Listen or [Download] During the time of The Old Testament, the Israelites were required to follow many laws. However, most people were not able to obey all the laws. In order to purify themselves from sin, the Israelites had to perform sacrifices and other rituals but this did not change their heart and they continue… Read more

The Benefit Of Being Justified By Faith

Listen or [Download] Minister TJ encourages us by explaining how our faith is what justify us with Christ. Being justified by faith means being in right standing and having God at peace with us. Having God’s peace is a benefit of being justified by faith because we can not earn by our actions.